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Not by Capital Alone:

East Coast Capital Holdings Ltd. becomes Founders’ Impact™

New York City, New York, November 10, 2020— East Coast Capital Holdings Ltd. has recently become Founders’ Impact Inc.  The new name aptly reflects the company’s goal of providing capital to socially or economically disadvantaged persons as well as its hands-on approach and focus on achieving financial and social impact. 

Founders’ Impact CEO, Zindel Zelmanovitch, stated that the company’s approach to its portfolio and structure is unique in the ESG space.  In line with its mission, the company strives to achieve a positive impact for society as a whole in addition to its shareholders, even amidst uncertainty.

Founders’ Impact is a licensee of the US Small Business Administration as a Specialized Small Business Investment Company (SSBIC).  Its current portfolio includes Minority-Depository Institutions (MDIs) such as The Harbor Bank of Maryland, Industrial Bank in Washington, D.C., and NewBank in New York.  In addition, the company has co-founded FinTech and InsurTech companies such as Lending Qube™, Qwale™, CapStream™, Aluta™, and Timothy™. 

For more information about Founders’ Impact Inc., please visit the company’s website