Press Release

Updated: September 8, 2021 12:00EST

NEW YORK – September 8, 2021 – CapStream Technologies has finalized its nationwide expansion after adding an additional 17 states to the company’s serviceable footprint, bringing the total to 50 states. CapStream’s primary product is SBA Guaranteed Surety Bonds. Surety bonds are prerequisites in bidding for all Federal construction contracts of more than $100,000 and some private contracts. CapStream, through its affiliate Open Coast Surety, is licensed to provide Property and Casualty Insurance (Home, Auto).

The expansion marks a key milestone in the Insurtech’s plans for 2021 and beyond. With the $1 trillion infrastructure bill awaiting final passage in the House, CapStream is now optimally positioned to deliver surety bonds to minority contractors allowing them to fully utilize federally delegated set-asides designed to level the playing field for small businesses in government contracting.

Founders’ Impact Chief Operating Officer Tafara Jhamba, “There are some large-scale federal initiatives and programs coming down the pipes, including the $9 billion Emergency Capital Investment program (ECIP) and infrastructure bill. At Founders’ Impact we’re focused on positioning our SSBIC and portfolio companies, like CapStream, to ensure these funds and opportunities impact socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses nationwide”.

CapStream Technologies is a portfolio company of Founders’ Impact Inc. a Specialized Small Business Investment Company (SSBIC) licensed by the Small Business Administration.

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